Research > Team II:Structure-Based Drug Design Discovery

Name Cheng Yang
Research Area Structure based drug screening and structure aided drug design
New approaches and technologies to optimize a hit to a lead and then to a candidate
Tel 0086-22-65378886
1988 Tsinghua University B.S.  Physical chemistry and instrumental analysis
1991 Tsinghua University M.S. Organic Chemistry
1997Washington State University Ph.D. Biochemistry and Biophysics

2009.4 -present Nankai university Professor
2005-2009 Rigaku Americas incorporation, Houston, Texas Director of Academic
2002-2005 Rigaku/MSC incorporation Houston, Texas Senior Scientist
1998-2001 Molecular Structure Corporation Houston, Texas Research Scientist
1991-1992 Analytical Chemistry Center, Tsinghua University Research assistant
under Prof. Yu, Jianyuan
Resent Publications (in 5 years)
1.Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus nucleoprotein reveals an endonuclease activity in the Bunyaviruses, Yu Guo, Wenming Wang, Wei Ji,  Maping Deng, Yuna Sun, Honggang Zhou, Cheng Yang, Fei Deng, Hualin Wang, Zhihong Hu, Zhiyong Lou and Zihe Rao. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2012 Mar 14.
2. Synthesis, characterization and bioactivity determination of ferrocenyl urea derivatives, Wei Liu, Yanting Tanga, Yu Guo,Bo Sun, Hemin Zhu, Yanyan Xiao,Dandan Dongand Cheng Yang, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
3. A structural view of the antibiotic degradation enzyme NDM-1 from a superbug, Yu Guo, Wang J, Niu G, Shui W, Sun Y, Zhou H, Zhang Y, Yang C, Lou Z, Rao Z. Protein Cell.2011 May;2(5):384-94.
4. The crystal structure of cytochrome P460 from Nitrosomonas europaea reveals a novel cytochrome fold and cross-linked heme. Pearson, A. R., Elmore, B. O., Yang, C., Ferrara, J. D., Hooper, A. D. & Wilmot, C. M. Biochemistry ( 2007) 46, 8340 -8349.
5. Breakage-Reunion Domain of Streptococcus pneumoniae Topoisomerase IV: Crystal Structure of a Gram-Positive Quinolone Target. Laponogov1, I., Veselkov. D. A., Sohi, M. K., Pan, X.-S., Achari, A., Cheng, Y., Ferrara, J. D., Fisher, L. M., Sanderson, M. R. PLoS ONE (2007) 3, 1-9.