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Name Shian Wu
Research Area
Hippo signaling pathway in organ size control and tumorigenesis

 1) Identification and characterization of novel regulators in modulating the Hippo pathway using Drosophila genetics tools and biochemistry methods;
 2) Investigation of the molecular mechanism between cellular stress and Hippo signaling using cellular and mouse models.
Shian Wu obtained a BS degree in Biology from Hunan Normal University, Changsha, China, in 1992, and a PhD degree from Peking University, Beijing, China in 2000. Having completed his postdoctoral training at UTSouthwestern Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University in the United States, he moved back to China in 2008 and joined the faculty of Nankai University, Tianjin. He is currently a Professor of Geneticsin the College of Life Sciences and a Principle Investigator of the State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology at Nankai University.
Resent Publications (in 5 years)
1.      Ma B, Chen Y, Chen L, Cheng H, Mu C, Li J, Gao R, Zhou C, Cao L, Liu J, Zhu Y, Chen Q, and Wu S.Hypoxia regulates Hippo signaling through the SIAH2 ubiquitin E3 ligase.Nat Cell Biol, 2015. 17(1): 95-103.
2.      Ma X, Chen Y, Xu W, Wu N, Li M, Cao Y, Wu S, Li Q, and Xue L.Impaired Hippo signaling promotes Rho1-JNK-dependent growth. PNAS,2015.112(4): 1065-70.
3.      Cao L, Wang P, Gao Y, Lin X, Wang F, Wu S.Ubiquitin E3 ligase dSmurf is essential for Wts protein turnover and Hippo signaling. BiochemBiophys Res Commun, 2014. 454 (1): 167-171
4.      Koontz LM, Liu-Chittenden Y, Yin F, Zheng Y, Yu J, Huang B, Chen Q, Wu S, Pan D. The Hippo effector Yorkie controls normal tissue growth by antagonizing scalloped-mediated default repression. Dev Cell, 2013. 28 (4):388-401.
5.      Ling C, Zheng Y, Yin F, Yu J, Huang J, Hong Y, Wu S, Pan D. The apical transmembrane protein crumbs functions as a tumor suppressor that regulates Hippo signaling by binding to Expanded. PNAS, 2010. 107 (23): 10532-10537