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Aquaphotomics of Near Infrared Spectroscopy


Mengli Fan, Xueguang Shao et al.


PROGRESS IN CHEMISTRY,2015, 27, 242-250


Water is one of the main components in life system. Taking water molecules in life system as an object, aquaphotomics studies the structural changes of water with perturbations on the system by using spectroscopic techniques. Therefore, aquaphotomics understands the interaction of water with other molecules or the function of water in life systems on molecular level. Aquaphotomics of near infrared spectroscopy focuses on studying the effect of perturbations on the near infrared spectrum of water by multivariate analysis methods. Perturbations generally include the variation of concentrations, temperature, pressure, etc., and can be achieved by adding extra components to a solution or even illumination. Diseases or damages of a life system can also be known as a perturbation. Multivariate analysis methods are used to analyze the spectra acquired under the defined perturbation for extracting the water absorbance patterns (WAPs) in the spectra. Then the WAPs, i. e., the perturbation-induced variation in the spectra can be used to investigate the biological systems. As a result, a non-invasive monitoring of life systems can be achieved by using the technique. The concept, research contents, methods and applications of aquaphotomics of near infrared spectroscopy are summarized in this paper.