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Name Deling Kong
Research Area Cardiovascular regenerative medicine, including stem cell treatment of myocardium infarction and artificial blood vessels
Tel 0086-22-23502111
Dr. Kong is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Director of the Key Laboratory of Bioactive Materials, Ministry of education at Nankai University since 2003. He also serves the vice Director of Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science & Peking Union Medical College since 2010. He finished the four-year undergraduate study in the Department of Chemistry in Nankai University, then received his PhD degree from Nankai in 1997. He did postdoctoral training for 5 years, and moved back to Nankai University In 2003. He was appointed as a professor in the College of Life Science. Dr. Kong won the Outstanding Youth Fund of NSFC in 2007. He won the 2nd class National Scientific Technology Progress Award of China in 2009, and the 2nd class Natural Science Award of Tianjin in 2010. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed papers, including those published as first author and corresponding author in Circulation, Cardiovascular Research, Biomaterials, J Am Chem Soc, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, ACS Nano, Biomacromolecules, etc. All these papers have been cited over 3000 times. He is also holding more than 10 approved patents.
Resent Publications (in 5 years)
1.      Dan Ding, Duo Mao, K Li, Xiaomin Wang, W Qin, R Liu, DS Chiam, N Tomczak, Zhimou Yang, Benzhong Tang*, Deling Kong*, Bin Liu*. Precise and Long-Term Tracking of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Their Regenerative Capacity via Organic Nanodots with Superb Brightness and Stability. ACS Nano. 2014 Dec 23;8(12):12620-31. 
2.      Zhihong Wang, Yun Cui, Jianing Wang, Xiaohu Yang, Yifan Wu, Kai Wang, Xuan Gao, Dong Li, Yuejie Li, Xi-Long Zheng, Yan Zhu, Deling Kong*, Qiang Zhao*. Electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) vascular grafts with thicker fibers and lager pores facilitate arterial regeneration by stimulating macrophage polarization. Biomaterials, 2014 Jul;35(22):5700-10. 
3.      Kai Wang, Meifeng Zhu, Ting Li, Wenting Zheng, Li Li, Mian Xu, Qiang Zhao, Deling Kong*, Lianyong Wang*. Co-electrospraying of poly(ethylene oxide) increased the pore size of electrospun polycaprolactone and enhanced cell infiltration. J Biomed Nanotechnol. 2014 August 10(8):1588-1598. 
4.      Meifeng Zhu, Kai Wang, Jingjing Mei, Chen Li, Wenting Zheng, Jiamin Zhang, Di An, Nannan Xiao, Qiang Zhao, Deling Kong*, Lianyong Wang*. Fabrication of highly interconnected porous silk fibroin scaffolds for potential use as vascular grafts. Acta Biomater.  2014 May;10(5):2014-23. 
5.      Wenting Zheng, Jie Gao, Lijie Song, Chongyi Chen, Di Guan, Zhihong Wang, Zhibo Li*, Deling Kong*, Zhimou Yang*. Surface-induced hydrogelation inhibits platelet aggregation. J Am Chem Soc. 2013;135(1):266-71.