Research > Team III:Drug Delivery Bio-Analysis & Bio-Imaging

Name Dan Ding
Research Area Design and preparation of nanomedicines 
New molecular imaging probes and exploration of their biomedical applications
Tel 0086-22-23501229
Dan Ding received his PhD degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Nanjing University in 2010. After a postdoctoral training in the National University of Singapore, he joined Nankai University in March 2013, where he is currently an associate professor in the College of Life Sciences. In 2013, he was selected in the Tianjin 1,000 Young Talents Plan.
Resent Publications (in 5 years)
1.      Wang, H.; Liu, J.; Han, A.; Xiao, N.; Xue, Z.; Wang, G.; Long, J.; Kong, D.; Liu, B.;* Yang, Z.;* Ding, D.,* Self-Assembly-Induced Far-Red/Near-Infrared Fluorescence Light-up for Detecting and Visualizing Specific Protein-Peptide Interactions, ACS Nano 2014, 8, 1475-1484.
2.      Ding, D.; Mao, D.; Li, K.; Wang, X.; Qin, W.; Liu, R.; Chiam, D. S.; Tomczak, N.; Yang, Z.; Tang, B. Z.;* Kong, D.;* Liu, B.,* Precise and Long-Term Tracking of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Their Regenerative Capacity via Superb Bright and Stable Organic Nanodots, ACS Nano 2014, 8, 12620-12631.
3.      Shi, Y.; Zhou, H.; Zhang, X.; Wang, J.; Long, J.; Yang, Z.;* Ding, D.,* Self-Assembling Choline Mimicks with Enhanced Binding Affinities to C-LytA Protein, Sci. Rep. 2014, 4: 6621.
4.      Ding, D.; Li, K.; Liu, B.;* Tang, B. Z.,* Bioprobes Based on AIE Fluorogens, Accounts Chem. Res. 2013, 46, 2441-2453.
5.      Ding, D.; Goh, C. C.; Feng, G. X.; Zhao, Z. J.; Liu, J.; Liu, R. R.; Tomczak, N.; Geng, J. L.; Tang, B. Z.; Ng, L. G.;* Liu, B.,* Ultrabright Organic Dots with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Real-Time Two-Photon Intravital Vasculature Imaging, Adv. Mater. 2013, 25, 4181-4187.