Research > Team I:Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases and Target

Name Yi Shi
Research Area 1. The role of protein translational machinery in tumor biology.
2. The novel functions of Seryl tRNA synthetase in regulating tumor vasculature and metabolism.
3. Develop SerRS-targeted small molecules for cancer therapy.
4. The role of aminoacyl tRNA synthetases in regulating genome stability and the molecular mechanism behind.
04, 2016 - present Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Nankai University
04, 2009-12, 2015 Post Doctor and Staff Scientist, The Scripps Research Institute, California, USA (advisor: Prof. Paul Schimmel and Xiang-Lei Yang)
06, 2007-03, 2009 Assistant Professor, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Prof. Youxin Jin’s Lab)
Resent Publications (in 5 years)
1.        Shi Y#, Wei N, Yang X.L.# (2016) Studying nuclear functions of aminoacyl tRNA synthetases. Methods 16, 30315-2 (#corresponding author)
2.        Song Y.*, Shi Y.*, Carland T. M., Lian S., Sasaki T., Schork N. J., Head S. R., KishiS., Schimmel P. (2016) p53-Dependent DNA damage response sensitive to editing-defective tRNA synthetase in zebrafish. Proc Natl AcadSci USA. 113, 8460-5 (*co-first author)
3.        Mo Z, Zhang Q, Liu Z, Lauer J, Shi Y, Sun L, Griffin PR, Yang XL. (2016) Neddylation requires glycyl-tRNA synthetase to protect activated E2. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 23(8), 730-7
4.        He, W., Bai, G., Zhou, H., Wei, N., White, N. M., Lauer, J., Liu, H., Shi, Y., Dumitru, C. D., Lettieri, K., Shubayev, V., Jordanova, A., Guergueltcheva, V., Griffin, P. R., Burgess, R. W., Pfaff, S. L., Yang, X. L.* (2015) CMT2D neuropathy is linked to the neomorphic binding activity of glycyl-tRNA synthetase; Nature; 526、710-714;
5.   Shi, Y., Xu, X., Zhang, Q., Fu, G., Mo, Z., Wang, G. S., Kishi, S., and Yang, X. L. (2014) tRNA synthetase counteracts c-Myc to develop functional vasculature. Elife (Cambridge) 3, e02349.