The State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology (SKLMCB), located at Nankai University,is part of the state key laboratory systems of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The SKLMCB was established in 2011 as the first multi-disciplinary research institute in China with the goal of fostering collaborative research effort in biomedical sciences.

The main research directions of SKLMCB include disease mechanisms and target discovery, drug development, and bio-analysis. Currently, there are 47 Principal Investigators who are also professors from Schools of Pharmacy, Chemistry, Life Sciences, or Medicine, of Nankai University. Researches in the laboratory focus on cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the development of stem cell technology and nanomaterial technology. Their works have been published in highly influential journals in medicine, biology, and chemistry.

As one of the international research centers established by the Ministry of Education of China, the SKLMCB encourages collaboration with scientists throughout the world. Collaborative research projects initiated by either our Principal Investigators ortheir international colleagues are supported with grants specifically allocated.